Hello? Are you my mommy?

Another tax season under my belt. I believe this was the hardest one yet – emotionally. Last year was certainly he hardest one on me phisically. Being 6 months pregnant and handling 100 extra returns will certainly take it’s toll! This year the work seemed to be easier. Maybe because caffeine and alcohol were back on the menu, or perhaps because Chuck helped us out and did a really great job. BUT…not seeing the kiddos really took a toll on me. I think the worst was the last week, when on Wednesday I realized I had not seen the boys (awake) since Sunday! We will definitely have to do better next year!

Today we returned from a few days in the mountains. I enjoyed just relaxing and spending time with the family. Ely has really grown. He is still not crawling, but he sure can stretch those arms and manuever his body to reach just about anything! Carter has such a great personality. We truly are blessed. We got to eat two wonderful meals at the Canyon Grill, and even got complements on how great the boys were. I am looking forward to spending the rest of the week with them before I go back to work on Mondat. I will definitely plan a few more days off soon to enjoy my boys!


~ by Crystal on April 20, 2010.

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